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Dance Moms Season 3 Tell All Part 1

The Dance Moms season finale took place last week. This past Tuesday, the Dance Moms Part 1 Tell All took place. During the show, Maddie, Brooke, Chloe, and Nia performed their favorite solos. Maddie performed Breaking Down Walls, Brooke performed The Animals Know, Chloe performed About Mother, and Nia performed Cathedral. Nia and Brooke’s solos were not aired during the actual season. The moms constantly bickered with Abby during the show. The dances were the best part of the show because the constant arguments got boring and tiresome after the first 15 minutes. The group performed their dance “Runaways.” This dance was originally called Children with Guns and was a dance about gun violence in the United States. Due to this controversial topic, Lifetime producers changed the name of the dance to something less controversial. The Dance Moms Tell All Part 2 airs next Tuesday. During this episode, Sophia and her mom return to talk with Abby. The girls also perform their winning number, Rosa Parks.

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Dancing With the Stars Season 16

Dancing With the Stars is heading towards its final episode! There is only one episode left before the finals. This week the couples performed two dances. Zendaya performed an outstanding trio which earned the first perfect 30 of the season. Sean Lowe performed a lackluster trio and partner dance earning 21 for both dances. The judges broke out into a surprising fight about Kellie Pickler’s trio paso doble dance. Len argued that there was not enough Paso content while the other two judges claimed that it was an amazing and flawless dance. Another good dancer this season is Aly Raisman who has grown so much since her first dance of the season. She truly enjoys to dance now and this is expressed when she dances. The other dancers on Monday night did not stand out as much to me and they all were somewhere in the middle of the leader board in terms of scores. Last night Sean Lowe was voted off.
Be prepared for a possible double elimination next week as we head into the semi-finals!

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Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 17

This week’s episode of Dance Moms is rather pointless because it was entirely about whether Mackenzie or Asia were going to dance on the view. Melissa and Kristie continuously pester Abby about their daughters but Abby refuses to tell them who is dancing until right before they are about to perform. I personally thought that she made the right decision in picking Mackenzie to be in the number because Mackenzie had originally done the number and was a team member from the beginning. However, the actual Last Text number is barely shown on the episode.
Next week is the mid season finale of the show. The girls perform at the Master of Dance Arts Competition against Cathy’s “students” who perform “her” routine. The girls perform a controversial number called Children with Guns which comes in second because Asia is one beat behind everyone else. Maddie also has a solo against Zach which shows that Cathy lied about his age to allow him to compete in the Junior category and she gets first place. Chloe and Kendall place third and fourth.
Above is the full Last Text number that was performed on the view.

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The Amazing Race Continues

Even though this is a rather old episode that premiered on Sunday, I thought I would comment on it anyway.
The Amazing Race is nearing the end with only 6 teams left at the start of this leg. Chuck and Wynona have many trivial arguments during this leg of the race. They argue with each other due to Wynona’s lack of athletic ability. She cannot run as fast as the other teams and she tends to choke at all of the little events the teams have to do. Joey is by far the funniest team member on the Amazing Race. His funny shrieks and comments make the show more enjoyable. Another interesting aspect is the possible romance that is happening between the country singing girls and the hockey playing boys. This season is certainly quite different with all of the personalities. And let’s not mention the rivalry between the two alliances. Who do you think will prevail? The first place team was the hockey team and the last place team (who was eliminated) was Chuck and Wynona.

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Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 15

This week of Dance Moms was a whole new side of crazy! With Asia dominating the pyramid and Maddie and Chloe going head to head, this episode is filled with drama from start to finish.
The girls attend Powerhouse Dance Competition and perform a group number about patriotism called Free the People. Paige messes up the dance for the girls by holding the American flag the wrong way. And the flag touched the ground multiple times! Even the judges were grimacing at the end of the number. However, they still placed second.
Maddie and Chloe have solos against each other for the first time in over 10 episodes. Maddie is the favorite to win since she has been the consistent winner since Season 1 of Dance Moms but Chloe can pull out a win when she is at her best. Abby is cruel when she makes all the girls and moms vote to see which soloist was better. Maddie won and Chloe got second. Christi’s tiresome bickering reaches an all time high when she learns that more than half of the group has voted for Maddie.
I personally thought this was unnecessary because Chloe seemed really upset over the fact that most of her friends did not think she danced as well as Maddie.
Next week: The girls perform a controversial number called Children With Guns which highlights gun violence. Maddie, Chloe, Kendall, and Asia all have solos and the Candy Apples may or may not compete against them.
Up above is the Unlocked dance of the week: Free the People.

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Dancing With the Stars Season 16 Kicks Off

The new Dancing with the Stars season kicked off last night on Monday, March 18th. It seems that the judges have thrown out the half point paddles and Len has returned with a rather sour attitude as he harshly criticizes the majority of last night’s contestants. The stand-out front runner of the pack was Zendaya Coleman, the youngest contestant ever on DWTS from Disney’s show Shake It Up. After performing an amazing contemporary routine with partner Val Chmerkovskiy, the duo scored a total of 24, the highest score of the night. One of the surprises of the night was the addition of The Bachelor star, Sean Lowe, to this season’s roster. Paired with partner, Peta Murgatroyd, the two gave a mediocre performance that resulted in a score of 19. Olympic gymnast, Aly Raisman, did quite well with a total score of 21, tying with the majority of the contestants. The worst dance of the night was D.L. Hughley who scored a horrific 12 after his dance with partner Cheryl Burke. This is only two points above the worst score in the history of DWTS. Thank goodness there is no elimination this week or D.L. would have hung up his dancing shoes for sure after last night’s performance. Dancing With the Stars returns next week on Monday at 7 so be sure to tune in!

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Welcome to the Race Around the World!

Let’s welcome 11 new teams to the Amazing Race which kicked off its new season on Sunday, February 17th! These teams are from all over the United States and have a range of interesting qualities and quirks. From taxidermists to know-it-all newlyweds to YouTube sensations, the new Amazing Race teams are in it to win. The season starts with a game-changing twist: the first place team of this leg of the race will not only win one but two Express Passes. One is for the team to keep and one is for them to give away to a team of their choice. Half of the team members instantly make a pact to give the Express Pass to the second team in their “alliance” to cross the finish line after the first leg. The teams face some of the hardest challenges encountered in the first leg of the Race ever. From sky diving to looking for a clue underneath sand castles, many of the teams are strained to the breaking point, including three teams who cannot find the clue under the sand castles even after many hours have passed. The three teams decide that they will take the 4 hour penalty that comes with not completing a task together. The last task before the teams check in is a canoe race and the team of firefighters tip over their canoe several times, making it impossible for them to catch up with the two other teams that took the penalty. The firefighters end up going home after the first leg.

Next week, conflict ensues because the team that was first place this week is having second thoughts about the pact that they made with their “alliance.”

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Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 7

At the bottom of this post is spoilers for next week! Attached above is the group dance, Avalanche.

Is it just me or is Dance Moms continually getting crazier and crazier? This week’s 90 minute episode is filled with drama and fights. The most surprising part of the episode is the absence of Christi and Chloe. Despite her constant bickering with Abby, Christi has never threatened to leave until now. At the beginning of the episode, Kendall climbs her way to the top of the pyramid for the first time ever. She is given a solo. Abby’s hatred for Maddie seems to have worn off because she gives Maddie a solo too. Abby learns she will be seeing Cathy and her newly appointed “Apple Cores” at the competition they are attending. The girls learn a new routine called Avalanche and Paige and Nia get a duet. Meanwhile, Sophia and Jackie return for a few days before jetting off again because Jackie disapproves of Abby’s teaching methods. Nia suffers a foot injury but continues to dance. Cathy plots to beat Abby this time around and awards a new member of her team with a solo. At the competition, one of Cathy’s ‘Dance Dads’ is ridiculously obnoxious as he argues with Abby about trivial matters. After a fight in the dressing room, Abby pulls the duet despite the protests of the girls. Cathy’s group dance is clearly better than Abby’s and she places first place while the ALDC only places third. Kendall’s solo does not place in the top 10 but Maddie wins, beating out Cathy’s boy dancer. The real shenanigans take place after the competition when Cathy enters Abby’s dressing room. Abby accidentally pours water on her when she violently jerks her water bottle. Cathy retaliates by hitting her with her gigantic, heavy purse. Cathy and Jill continuously pour water on each other until security members remove Cathy from the room. She proceeds to call Abby and her dancers “sore losers” even though she is the one that instigated the entire fight.

Next week: Chloe is no longer suspended and returns to dance. Brooke and Maddie are given solos and Paige and Nia are allowed to do the duet that was pulled during this week’s episode.

Some Spoilers for Next Week: Maddie gets first place for her solo and Brooke places fifth. The duet places fourth and the group dance wins.

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Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 6

Last night’s episode of Dance Moms was really intense! From Cathy’s all boy dance group to Christi storming out of the competition with Chloe, last night’s episode of Dance Moms was jam packed with all sorts of drama. In this surprising episode, Cathy has put together an all new and all powerful group of all-boy dancers. Cathy is clearly unable to come up with routines on her own because she consistently hires guest choreographers to teach her competition team their dance. After overlooking Maddie when assigning solo routines week after week, Abby is finally beginning to suffer from her ignorance due to the lack of first place soloists in recent competitions. Other than Maddie and Mackenzie, none of the other girls have won a first place trophy for their solos the entire season. Abby is only hurting herself if she continues to deprive Maddie of her solos. The girls attend the Onstage America competition. Chloe, Nia, and Kendall are picked for solos but Kendall is the only ALDC dancer that places in the top 10 at all. The group routine requires the girls to wear hats and Abby warns that the girl that drops the hat onstage will be cut from the competition team! Lo and behold, Chloe is the lucky one that loses her hat onstage. Due to this mistake, Abby worries that the group will lose to Cathy’s team, the crowd favorite. Abby chews Chloe out after the dance and Christi leaves the competition with Chloe claiming that they do not want to be a part of the competition team anymore. After angrily screaming at eager fans to get out of her way, Christi and Chloe leave the competition right as they announce that the ALDC beat Candy Apple’s by 1/10 of a point!

The most controversial and surprising part of the whole episode is the preview for next week’s episode. Abby “accidentally” pours a bottle of water on Cathy who beats Abby viciously with her huge purse in response. She does the same with Jill and is escorted out of the competition by security.

The unlocked exclusive video for this week is Chloe’s solo routine, Left in the Dark.

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Catfish Season 1 Episode 10

Has anyone seen the new reality show Catfish on MTV? Well this show is quickly rising in popularity so get the latest info about the new episode that premiered Monday, January 28 here! For those of you that don’t know what catfish means, to catfish someone means that you are tricking them by pretending to be someone else online. This week’s episode follows the story of Rico who has fallen in love online with a man named Ja’mari. They had been communicating via Facebook and text messaging for over three years. Ja’mari claims that he is a famous international model and cannot find time in his hectic schedule to meet his online love in person. Rico asks for the help of Nev and Max, the hosts of Catfish. Nev and Max affirm that Ja’mari is actually the person in his Facebook pictures. This is the first episode of the whole season that features a person that actually matches up with the pictures that he or she was using on their Facebook. However, there are many suspicious things about Ja’mari’s supposed occupation as a model. Nev and Max cannot find a single modeling picture of him on the Internet. Nev convinces Ja’mari to meet up with Rico. After the two of them meet, Ja’mari comes clean. His real name is James and he is a bus driver instead of a model. He has also had a prior incident with the law when he was caught stealing 3 buses. In the end, Rico decides to forgive Ja’mari. When Nev and Max check in with the couple after one month, they are still together.

I found this particular episode of Catfish refreshing because “Ja’mari” was actually being truthful about his picture. I was losing hope in the show after seeing person after person who was either catfishing someone or being catfished. This was the only episode out of the entire season where both sides of the relationship were not lying about their looks. This is also one of the only relationships that continued once filming of the show ended. This proves that people should just stick to meeting each other face to face. If everyone did that, they would avoid a lot of heartbreak.

Attached below is a sneak preview of next week’s episode! Click on the link to see the preview!
Catfish Episode 11 Sneak Peek

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